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Push and Pull Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Push and Pull Marketing - Essay ExampleSince consumers att stopance is the main aim of communication mediums, communication strategy can be either protract strategy or push strategy. Both approaches argon limpid from each other and every organization has to ensure that it plans and executes that strategy which provide work for its offering (Hegel III & Brown, 2008). The main difference between push and pull marketing is that pull marketing induces end consumers to create demand, while in push marketing, marketers entice trade buyers to purchase and carry out the products that allows them to reap clams potential benefits (Steglin, 2012). Push Marketing Strategy In push strategy, the primary aim of marketers is to design marketing strategy in a way that will push products onto the consumers. It basically means offering attractive incentives to employees and sales representatives for pushing the product on specific points or places where there are more chances of customers purchas e products impulsively. In other words, in business to business marketing, it means using marketing mediums to get attention of businesses to buy the suppliers materials and products and sell it to end consumer. The main forms of communication mediums used are price inducements, promotions, trade shows, trade promotions, sponsorships and many more that will get the attention of retailers, wholesalers and other businesses to purchase the lodges products or services (Segal, 2012). For instance, push marketing strategy is commonly found among energy drinks companies as they try to get the attention of end consumers by organizing various events such as trade shows and promotional incentives. British Petroleum uses push strategy by attracting its customers who are the processors of their products that supply refined products to the end consumers. The phoner offers various perks, price breaks and discount offers so that it can get the attention of its business consumers. Unilever uses p ush strategy for its distributors, wholesalers and retailers so that it can get good situation for its products in their stores. Pull Marketing Strategy In pull marketing strategy, marketers try to inspire consumers to demand the companys products or services. In this technique, a lot of money is spent as the tools used to grab customers attention are very expensive. The marketers need to incorporate strategies that will help in creating dealing with target market and getting them engaged with their offerings. Some of the commonly used marketing mediums for pull strategy are word of mouth, sponsorships, product placement and publicizing in newspapers, on radio and Television (Segal, 2012). For instance, Apple uses pull strategy to attract its target market it relies heavily on placement of products, Public traffic efforts and advertisements that are innovative and attractive which will help in creating more demand for its products. The companys advertisements about its computers end with quotes like available at specific places or Buy now. Almost all the advertisements of the company has message that pulls consumers towards it as information about product with complete details are provided. Red Bull also focuses on pull strategy as it sponsors various events round the year such as Formula 1, soap cut derby and concerts. With all these communication med

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