Saturday, June 8, 2019

Holistic Profile of 3 and a Half Years Old Girl Essay

Holistic Profile of 3 and a Half Years anile Girl - Essay ExamplePhysical developmentAfter a long interview with Mrs. Davies and her three and a fractional years old girlfriend I learnt the following about this child. My interview included questions about the child right from infancy so that I could have a clear attend of the childs development right from birth. The mother informed me that the girl started demonstrating intelligence at the jump on of six months this she did by motor activity still when could not use symbols. My interview revealed that the child had gone through the sensorimotor stage without any complexity.The child was now in her pre-operational stage, this is a period which comprises 2 sub-stages where a child demonstrates intelligence through using symbols development of imaginations is achieved, skills in language use are fully acquired and lastly the child lacks memory much(prenominal) that it is very hard for him to remember something. Thinking is thu s done in a manner that is not logical. (Piaget,1972).By both observing the three and half years old Dan and gathering information from her mother I arrived at the following physical observations. According to the mother her mother informed me that her daughter sleeps for about twelve hours at night. This has been consistent but in case the child is not in good health then he qualification sleep for fewer hours. The child is learning on how to use the toilet but with the assistance of the care giver and at times with the mothers assistance. She also knows how to put on shoes by herself though she female genitalsnot tie the shoe races on her own. I provided the young girl with a big eggs which she repeatedly threw overhead and kicking it up and down in a jovial mood. On several instances the child was making efforts in trying to cod the large ball.The child was hopping and down on one foot a thing that she appeared to enjoy most. She also demonstrated developed balancing skills w hile stand up and walking on a straight line.At times Dan would stop whatever she was doing and would start watching whatever we were doing. In several occasions she essay to imitate us after carefully observing our activities.The child had already developed the full set of babies teeth with her appearance resembling that of an adult though lean (adult-like appearance)After weighing the three and a half years old I noted that Dan weighed thirty eight pounds. This was a good weight considering her age and the current stage of development. According to the mother her daughter remained asleep in most nights while recording minimal cases of wetting the bed. (Piaget, 1972)Her child knows how to dress herself and the only assistance that she requires is on how to use the buttons and also zippers. She gets the required assistance from the caregiver and has been improving on matters concerning dressing herself.The child also knows how to feed on her own. This she does with dozens of spi lling but this is reducing as time goes. She also climbs up and down a small slide by herself and at the same time she can ride a small bicycle without experiencing many problems in using the pedalsThrough the interview with the mother I learnt that her daughter is much interested in the handling of food and also in learning the cooking procedures.she repeatedly peters the house help claiming tat she want to do some cooking.She has the ability of airstream her hands, getting a drink on her own and can also brush her teeth without any difficulty. She knows how to butter bread using a prod and can also

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