Friday, October 4, 2019

Bio-ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Bio-ethics - Essay Example Following a close analysis on the issue, I think that surgeon’s desire for fame has no effect on their work. To begin with, surgeons are human beings although they have an extra ordinary gift and therefore their desire for fame is human nature and therefore has no negative effect on their work. Their desire for fame only contributes to confidence on their work with little or no effect on the patient’s wellbeing. Secondly, Surgeons are trained persons who value their profession and therefore their desire for fame is for personal interest with little or no effect on their patient. Becoming a surgeon is not an easy affair since they have to go through intensive and extensive training before qualifying for the job. This makes them value their job and patients more than any other personal desire such as fame. Fame is not given but earned and most surgeons would agree with this fact, this implies that a surgeon who desires to have fame must strive to earn it through genuine methods (Scott 101). The only possible genuine method through which surgeons can earn the much-needed fame is by improving the care they give to their patients and this has no interference on a patient’s

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