Sunday, August 25, 2019

Introduction and Problem of Practice Research Paper

Introduction and Problem of Practice - Research Paper Example Nursing scholars have moved from developing nursing Meta theories to building theories that encounter specific problems related to nursing practice. Some of theories have been said not to cover completely nursing phenomenon. It may be argued that it is because some countries have little theoretical development. Due to this argument, many believe that the discipline of nursing is less affluent. It has also been facilitated by the transference of American nursing theories to other countries. To expand the nursing theories, theorists have gone to other countries, held conferences and participated in translation of books. Nursing theories have often been founded in the conviction that the nursing body of knowledge should be control or influence clinical practice rather than being defined by it (American Nurses Association, 2010). Nursing theories can be used in differentiating the focus of nursing from other professions (American Nurses Association, 2010). Concepts of theories have been used to guide all phases of the nursing process, including planning, implementing, and evaluating nursing care (Finkelman, 2012). In addition, they have been used in describing and explaining desired responses during practice. Nursing theories makes nurses to be focused on the goal set, hence making them more alert and confidence in their practice. They guide research; validates and modifies the theory, hence enhancing communication. Theories have been used to contribute to the development of the nursing disciple body of knowledge. Some theories are more worthy for certain situations, for example, one theory can be used to a patient in a home health care setting, whereas a patient in an acute care environment will use a different theory (Sabah, 2013). All the approaches are valid as long the nurse recognizes the value and usefulness of nursing theory as a tool for effective nursing practice. There are many theories used in the nursing field to solve problems encountered while attend ing to a patient by the professional nurses. An example of a theory to show how theories have been used in practice; Faye Glenn’s human needs theory, which was set to guide in providing human needs to those in hospital, but also has relevance for nursing care in community setting. Faye Glenn used this theory to promote the image of the nurse who was not only kind and caring, but also intelligent, adept, alert and prepared so oversee that patients receive quality services. This theory influences the nurse’s judgment in the selecting steps, in solving the patient problem and focusing in taking care of the patient. The problem facing the practice; the gap between theory and the practice in nursing has widened over the years. According to Sabah, â€Å"It is becoming difficult everyday for the nurses to administer multiple theories; this is due to conflicting knowledge they posses for use in their daily practice.† In most theoretical pieces of work in nursing, major threads of theoretical thinking are difficult to identify (Sabah, 2013). Problem in the practice that has been encountered is that, many theorists have used the term theory as interchangeable with such terms as conceptual framework, conceptual model, and paradigm. Some theories cannot be applicable when needed in the medical room to a patient (Masters, 2011). Many scholars have stated that the grand nursing theories or the conceptual framew

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