Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Do some background research into the UK poplulation. E.g. size, social Essay

Do some background research into the UK poplulation. E.g. size, social and ethnic background - Essay Example Figure 2 shows the 2011 census ethnic group breakdown in the UK. White (87.2%) is the major ethnic group, followed by Asian/Asian British (6.9%), black / African / Caribbean / Black British (3.0%), Mixed/multiple ethnic groups (2.0%) and other ethnic group (0.9%) (Office for National Statistics, 2013 A). According to the 2011 census, all usual residents aged 16 to 74 in employment the week before the census was about 29.84 millions (Office for National Statistics, 2013 B). Figure 3 shows the 2011 census occupation and local authorities breakdown in the UK. About 17.3% of the people were in professional occupations, followed by Associate professional and technical occupations (12.6%), Skilled trades occupations (11.6%), Administrative and secretarial occupations (11.5%), Elementary occupations (11.2%), Managers, directors and senior officials (10.5%), Caring, leisure and other service occupations (9.42%), Sales and customer service occupations (8.56%), and Process, plant and machine operatives (7.3%). The GDP per capita is about $37,300. The median age of the UK residents is 40.3 years. The male residents’ median age is 39.1 years and the female residents’ age is 40.3 years. The male to female sex ratio is about 0.99. The population growth rate is about 0.55%. The birth rate is 12.26 births per thousands and death rate is 9.33 deaths per thousands. The mother-maternal mortality rate is 12 deaths per 100 thousand live births. The infant mortality rate is 4.5 deaths per thousand live births. The life expectancy at birth is 80.29 years with male life expectancy at birth being 78.16 years and female life expectancy at birth being 82.54 years. The literacy rate is about 99% (Central Intelligence Agency, 2014). According to BBC News (2014), the unemployment rate stands at 7.2% at the

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