Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Further discuss the plan identified in the case assignment Essay

Further discuss the plan identified in the case assignment - Essay Example HCPs are crucial participants in the pursuit to address medical errors. HAIs increase healthcare costs, thereby complicating the issue even more (Robinson, 2010). HCP should engage in constant communication to ensure that risk variables in relation to medical errors are adequately addressed. In so doing, it is possible to work through resolving HAIs problems and medical errors at large. Healthcare facilities should design, formulate and implement procedures that should be followed by patients, caregivers and clinicians. Protocols of observation could also be established to ensure that all risk factors are accounted for inside and outside caregiving facilities. Since HAIs emerge from the healthcare facility environment, such procedures and protocols will ensure that the occurrence of nosocomial infections is minimized or alleviated altogether (Coates, 2004). On the same note, imposing standard precautions in relation to HAIs and other medical errors would be fundamental. Healthcare teams can also design measures and policies that are designed to address HAIs and medical errors problems. Clinicians and bacteriologists can team up to design procedures and/or medical products that act as a preventative measure for HAIs. Hospital directors and employers can design internal mechanisms to address the problem, basically integrating patients in that pursuit. All these team participants should act more cautious in relation to the underlying medical

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